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5 Money Saving Tips for Souvenir Shopping at Walt Disney World

So maybe I’m the WORST person to be giving advice on how to save money on souvenirs because my suitcase always comes home stuffed and my wallet feeling a tad empty!  That said, there are a lot of way to save money when souvenir shopping at Walt Disney World.

1. Set your budget – and don’t stray to far.  This one seems simple, right?  And it is, for the most part.  If you’re bringing children with you set a budget for each of them to use as they’d like through out the trip.  This will (hopefully) help curb the “Can I have that??” question every time you walk into a store.

2. Know before you go!  There are certain things I get every trip to Disney World like a new picture frame and an ornament for our Christmas tree.  There are other thing that I find online that I know I just have to (a new Haunted Mansion hat or even the newest Alex and Ani bracelet).  Having at least a ballpark idea of how much all of this will cost will certainly help with the first tip as well.

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3. Use Disney Gift Cards.  This is one of my favorite pieces of advice.  I bring all of my spending money in the form of Disney gift cards and leave most everything else at home.  That way I’m not tempted with some crazy impulse purchase ($40K Cinderella Castle, anyone?) and I’m making sure I really, really want what I’m buying.  This is also a great way to allow children to manage their souvenir budget! And don’t forget if you have a Target Red Card you can save 5% on Disney Gift Cards!

4. Don’t buy everything on property. This tip is two-fold.  First, I tend to pick up things in the weeks/months leading up to a Disney trip that I can bring with me and give to my son along the way.  Little items from the Dollar Spot at Target or other similar places work really well.  The second part is to check out the Disney Character Warehouses, located off property but offering authentic Disney merchandise at a discounted price.  Certainly worth visiting, especially if you have a car or don’t mind taking a taxi!

5. Just say no!  This one can be pretty difficult for me, I won’t lie!  All of the above tips help though and I have learned to say no a lot while visiting Walt Disney World.  I know this can be especially hard with young children, but remember there are plenty of things you can do or get for free while at Disney World.

What is your favorite money saving tip when it comes to souvenirs at Walt Disney World?  Or better yet, what’s your favorite souvenir?



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